Monday, September 3, 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Opening presents

Addie, Santa, Claire

All the good little girls!

Two of Santa's favorite girls!

Claire helping Kasey decorate the tree.

Setting up the snow village.

Addie decorating the mini tree - of course all the mini packages

must be in a line because it is a train!

Claire playing with the baby

Riding a very fast horse!

Riding the new saddle Papa got her for Christmas.

The better picture was when we strapped the saddle on the back of Chris!

More fun for Claire too!

Kasey's "Totally Awesome 80's Bachelorette Party"

was Dec 30th. All her friends were in town for the holidays,

so it was the perfect time to celebrate.

They dressed up in 80's gear and went around the Old Market,

met more friends along the way

and stayed in this hotel afterwards.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Yes we have been busy this fall,

and this is some of the stuff we have been doing.

Claire showing her musical talents.

Alfonso, the "talking dog" that Katie had when she was little.
Is still "talking" (thanks to Papa) and Claire thought he was pretty wonderful.

Addie is 3 already and her Dad had a party for her.

Party crowns for everyone.

Claire, Katie and Chris

Bob does not have his crown on!

Opening the cool presents!

More presents!

Ice cream cake.

Blowing out the candles

Addie and Nick

Nick and Dairy Queen had a communication problem.

Though he said he corrected them on the phone.

He went to pick it up and it said Abbie not Addie.

He told them that was OK she could not read anyway.
It tasted great!

Claire getting ready to go down the slide

Claire getting ready to "go shopping" with Grandmam.



She is doing a rotation for PT school. Kasey and I drove out.

I helped her get settled and I flew home. These are some pictures of our fun stuff.

We went to the capitol building in Salt Lake City and this is the view from there.

Inside the Capitol building.

Capitol grounds.

More Claire Pictures!

Chris and Claire go to the YMCA for swimming lessons every week.

Swinging at the park

One of my dahlias this summer. They were beautiful.

The frost got them all a couple of weeks ago. Very sad.

First corn on the cob for Claire.

(no she really did not eat the whole thing)

Outdoor pool time.

We have started the cleaning and donating back of some trophies.

But...we needed to take a picture to remember the good old days.

By the way this is not all of the trophies...there is more around the corner.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Claire's new "trick"

When we ask her "How big is Claire?"

She throws her hands in the air and we say

"Soooooo Big!!"

Of course that is followed by clapping and yelling Yay!

(we are easily trained)

Sharing of the muffin Fun with Aunt Kasey The girls

St Patricks Day

Kasey's birthday fun!

Papa and Critter relaxing

Kasey is 24!